Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

Planning your marketing over the next two months is essential, especially if you want to take a break yourself! Christmas is a period that calls for a mini-marketing plan just to cover this period. For many, it is like preparing for a battle. The holidays have a positive and negative effect on almost every aspect of the business, and careful planning is needed.

  • Are you Closing?
    Have you started to promote your holiday trading hours? Add them to your website now so that visitors are aware.
  • Any Sales Planned?
    Have you worked out the timings of special offers on your website? Call us if you need help with coupon codes or other site modifications.
  • Customer Support while Closed?
    Don’t forget to add an emergency number to your website, or redirect your phones.
  • Any Printed Material Needed?
    Have you made provision for any printed material you may need in Dec/Jan? Printers like to take long holidays. We can help with graphic design.
  • Email Responders
    Again, don’t forget an auto-responder on your email. People will expect a slight delay in responses, but if your auto-responder sets an expectation it will make the client feel at ease.
  • Relax and Enjoy
    Take some time to be with your family, friends or whomever you want. Relax, unwind and start to look forward to 2020.

If you need any help or support the team at Website Angels is here to help. We will be closing on the 20th of December for a couple of weeks but will have a skeleton staff and on-call help if needed.

Thank you for your business in 2019, the team and I look forward to being here to help you next year,