Domain Names and Website Hosting

Domain Names and Website Hosting

In order to be able to provide customers with websites, there are services that need to be renewed on a regular basis. These are domain names and website hosting. So what are they? What is the difference between the two?

Domain Names

Every website has a domain name to identify it and these names need to be renewed either every year or every few years. It is essentially your websites ‘phone number’. Some customers choose to have more than one domain name, in which case these are usually redirected to an alternate main site. It’s the same as having your 0800 number re-routed to your normal landline extension.

Domain names are ‘rented’ from domain name registries and incur fees for use. Most domain names are renewed once a year, however it is possible to renew for longer periods.
In having Website Angels manage your domain name, it means we are able to control the settings and make sure things are going where they are supposed to. It also means we can ensure you don’t lose control of the domain name by having auto-renew mechanisms in place where you have confirmed at renewal time that you wish to keep the domain name active.

Website Hosting

With every live website there is data to be stored that feeds into the sites. For a website to function, it needs to be publicly available which means renting a storage locker to put all of the components, images, text, video and so on. If you think about your own cloud storage, you might have an office 365 subscription or maybe dropbox. Your website data needs a special type of system to do a similar thing – called a server. The fees we charge for annual website hosting include the rental of our own dedicated servers as well as security systems we place on those servers to add an extra layer of security to keep your site safe.

Common questions about our website hostings include the following:

1. Where are your servers?
The Website Angels servers are in Auckland. This is because 95% of the traffic our customers get is from New Zealand viewers, this means the pages load slightly faster than if we used cheap servers in the USA or Asia.

2.Is my site backed up?
Every site is backed up weekly. However, in all the years of running our hosting services, we have needed to use these backups three times, for just 3 sites.

3. How much space do I have for my website?
Like most web hosting companies, our server space is not limited to website storage - for files directly related to your website. This does not include email.

4. What about my email, is it backed up?
No, we do not back up email as it is transient and changes. We recommend that people use services like Office365 or Google Mail for their mail servers, if you would like more information please call the Website Angels office.

5.I currently pay monthly for my hosting, can I just pay one bill yearly?
Yes, we can arrange that for you, and we give you a discount if you pay yearly rather than monthly as it reduces our admin costs. In fact in 2020 we will be moving to only invoice on a yearly basis.