360 Degree Websites and More!

360 Degree Websites and More!

We live in a multidimensional world, which you can now bring to your website. After conducting a great amount of research and training, we have introduced a service to create 360-Degree tours and images to use on websites, social media and trade stands at shows. The system uses special camera equipment and software to capture 360-degree images and then allow us to enhance these further with information and video.

We have been working with this technology for the last few months to ensure we can deliver an effective service that also enhances your marketing effort. There are many uses that the images can be put to, listed below are but a few of the examples we have done.

Take for example the tour we have done for Windy Ridge. This tour allows you to explore the facilities that they have on offer and easily imagine how you can personalise the spaces to create your dream wedding. It also allows people who may not get the chance to come to the venue until the big day to familiarise themselves with the location.

If you have nationwide customers or customers who never really come to your premises, you can show your HQ and product range as we have done with Solo. This tour also includes links to shopping pages and has embedded videos to show products/tv adverts and other relevant information.

The final example is of the Website Angels offices to show people around the facilities and staff we have. It has been created to show that we are a team, actively working on projects for clients.

360-Degree photography is not a new thing, but it takes thought and planning to ensure it is not just done as a gimmick and adds an effective message to your marketing activity.

If you would like to discuss our creating a tour for your company, or using 360-Degree images and video in training and educational situations, please feel free to call Website Angels.